I'm making a Manga! It's called Brandy.. ((no reason...it has nothing to do with the story))
Its a about a plastic surgeon named Ataru Tsukiyamu who is 30 and really famous and gets really drunk every Friday night.
So one night he's wandering around at like 3 am after a party, and he randomly runs into a recently fired magician named Fuyaki Tenshin. Ataru tries to pick a fight with Fuyaki, so Fuyaki puts a curse on Ataru that causes him to be eleven years old. Fuyaki's deal is that Ataru has to find love as an eleven year old kid in only a month. While liviing with Fuyaki, Ataru finds a girl he loves within a day. She's his new babysitter Kishira Onato, 14 years old. But still he feels weird having a 30 yr old mind and falling in love with a 14 year old. So he has to get Kishira Onato to fall in love with him because another part of Fuyaki's curse was that the first girl he saw and loved would be the one he would have to get. Meanwhile there's a worldwide search for Ataru...the adult one.
anyway the bell just rang. but thats the manga i'm making right now! aight peace.