ok, so something fairly amusing happened to me a few weeks ago. with work and everything, I haventbeen able to update my page, so here goes.

me and my friends make it a point to go to this bar by my house called tommys place every wednsday. we go to get fucked up off of 50 cent drafts and sing kareoke. a few months ago we met this guy named jay. he was a little wierd, but he was a nice guy, so we hung out with him every week. he invited me up to the northside of chicago, saying that he had buddy who djed, and that we would drink for free. we never tool him up on the offer though,cause we didnt really want to associate with him outsidethis bar.

one week, he told me that he had a crush on one of my female friends. we would make fun of her calling him her boyfriend,shit like that.

a few weeks later, we are chilling there like normal.jay was there as usual.toward the end of the night, he asked me for a dollar to buy beer, and then about 30 min later, asked if I could give him a ride the few blocks to his house. he said he would walk,but didnt want to cause he had been hit with a baseball bat and jumped the last time he was walking by himself. I felt bad,so I gave him a ride.

the following tuesday, my female friend he had a crush on called me and said she saw jay on the news. apparently he robbed a woman at gunpoint, then raped her. she picked him out of a lineup. the only reason he got caught was after he raped her he dropped his keys, and they traced his cosco card back to him. the news stations were calling him the wrigleyville rapist.

so thats my story...the wrigleyville rapist owes me a beer, and I gave that motherless fuck a ride home. I hope he is getting his shit pushed in as I am writing this. if I ever see him again, I will probally kick his ass just for gp.