PHEW! I worked up the courage to turn on the 360 and it works! I must have turned it off immediately prior to it burning out.


But now that I know about this overheating thing (thank you to everyone who commented or PMed me) I decided to take that sucker out of the entertainment cabinet and let it be in the free air. Kardiez sent me the link to this cooling attachment thing. I was planning on hiring some tongueless slaves to fan the 360 with enormous ostrich feathers; this seems like a better (and more space-efficient) option. I did check under the box and the manufacture date is listed as 2005-12-05... so at least I know now that if I do get the three-red + one-green Simon-says pattern of death, I won't open the machine, but rather will call Microsoft for the replacement.

Now I'm just waiting for the shoe to drop... smiley7.gif

In other news, Spyton discovered my stash of all his baby teeth. See, as a parent, one must sometimes take on the responsibilities of the tooth fairy, as she is often busy, etc. But what do you do with your child's tooth after you've replaced it with a shiny dime? You can't just throw it away. It is a part of your child... your precious offspring, your spawn, your brood, the fruit of your proverbial loins. And it has valuable DNA evidence on it, that might be useful later in the game life.

I tend to be something of a packrat, and frankly I blame every point and click adventure ever made. Because you never know if that tuna fish sandwich you picked up in the first level will be useful against the man-eating leopards in level thirteen (with the addition of sleeping powder, of course). And back in my day they didn't have multiple saves. If you screwed up you had to start completely over.

So, the first tooth I got I put into one of these Russian nesting dolls we have out on display (hidden in plain view!). And then it was just easier to keep putting them there. Of course now I have a veritable toothy nesting doll maraca filled with tiny human teeth.

I can't throw those in the garbage! If only this WAS a game, I could turn it into a trinket or power-up of some sort:


But no. I can only use it as a voodoo talisman and cat scaring device. Oh well. I bet it would sell on eBay. In fact, if you search for Teeth under Collectibles: Science, Medical> Medicine, Dentistry you get a lot of hits. *shudder* Teeth gross me out. Why are people selling their old bridgework on eBay? Who wants that? Blah! I'd link, but teeth gross me out. Unless they came out of my son. Then they are wonderful and precious keepsakes.

'Cause that's how I roll. <- my new favorite catch phrase. It replaces: "Zombies Rule Belgium!"


Today's Vocabulary Words

PS: The number I was thinking of was 28.