The Bugatti Veyron W-16 is the most technologically advanced car in the world today. It is also the most expensive street legal car (base price of a cool 1.3 million), and fastest car in production (total horsepower of 1001). So fast that it requires a total of 10 intercoolers just to keep the engine from over heating. It runs times faster than any Formula-1 car, and gets better gas mileage. The Veyron was names after Pierre Veyron for a reason not too many know about. Veyron was the last driver to win a Le Mans race for Bugatti, and in memory of him, Ettore Bugatti named the super car after him. Bugatti is an off branch of VW but produced in France. So that is why it wears the Bugatti logo instead of the VW logo.

What makes this car the most technologically advanced car in the world is its engine. The Bugatti Veyron packs a W-16 under its hood. Now you might think, W-16? You mean V-16 right? No, a W-16 engine is a new concept used for this car. In essence, it is two V-8 engines put together to form a W-16. This engine outputs 1001 horsepower and will go from 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds. The other design unique to this car, it that it takes two keys to operate. The first key works like normal, put it into the transmission and turn the key. You can cruse down the street producing 500 horsepower just like that. But to boost to 1001 horsepower and activate the quad turbos, you must insert a key next to the driver’s seat. With this activated, at top speed, the bugatti can run for 13 seconds before it’s tires melt off and runs out of a full tank of gas.

With innovated technology like this, who knows where we, or what we, will be driving in the near future. One can only wonder on the possibilities.