Ok so i was at my girlfriends going away party and my sister calls me and informs me that my girlfriend cheated on me when i was at work for 2 weeks. My sister is good friends with the older sister of the guy she slept with thats how she knew. i asked Nicolle (my girlfriend) about it and she said that the kissed him but because she dident tell me untill i confrunted her i cant trust her that thats all she did. i dident want to send her back to Brasil broken hearted so i got back with her befor she went back. she still loves me because i said that i might come back just to say goodbye and she broke down, littalary. She fell to the floor crying and i left to go for a walk to think things over. i just cant trust her anymore so its impossiable to love her again. if she couldnt stay faithful when i was 1000km away for 2 weeks how can i trust her to be faithful when shes 10 000km away for 4 months? I dont want to hurt her but i cant stay with her. shes calling me on monday or tuesday so ill update then. untill then i guess ill drink myself into a coma to make the pain go away.

No one reads these anyway, why do i bother? i guess i just need a vent.