Ok im probably gonna get totally flamed for even bothering to post this but frankly i really dont care. the topic: people complaining about Bush. and before i continue i want to make it clear im not a bush fan nor do i agree with all hes done. ok now to start. all of these people complain about bush being an idiot- well guess who put him in office? THE VOTERS OF AMERICA! so if you want to complain about who our president then blame them first. next are the people against bush\'s war in Iraq. sure i dont like the idea of invading another country but hey something need to be done. People are upset about Bush sending us in there in the first place. ok think of it this way, sure Iraq and alquieda might not have be a threat and might not attack us and we point our fingers at bush. well tell me what if bush hadnt invaded and alquieda did attack us directly with amissle or something of the like, Who are you going to blame? BUSH!!!! so what do you expect him to do? because from what i can see, no matter what he does someones gonna be mad. for once i would like some feedback on this whether you agree or think im a total idiot and should just drop where i stand. this would be much appreciated