So this is going to be a weekly, bi weekly collection of short stories that i hope people will like if you read this and enjoy it don't mod share with others and leave comments and suggestions or even ideas. thanks. -Andrew

Clide was working the graveyard shift of the 7/11 gas station on the corner of elm and vine on the outskirts of town. he hated the hours but the pregnant cow of a manager kept sticking him with the crap times and it was the only job he could take with his schedule. with a sigh he turned his eyes down to his anatomy homework. at that moment the 11:55 train chose to pass by at 12:10 and the knives hanging on the wall behind him began to rattle. he palmed them flat against the wall without even flinching the movement having become instinctive. he cursed the fucking 11:55, the 11:55 being fucking late, his fucking hours, his fucking manager, his fucking job, and his fucking luck.

D'andre locked the two shells into the breech of his sawed off 12 gauge and snapped it shut as he brought the ski mask down over his face. he looked up at the bent post for the sign of elm and vine and then walked up to the door of the 7/11. he leveled his shotgun and then kicked.

Clide slapped the knives flat against the wall as they shook on the wall he glanced up to see a masked man with a shotgun. his palm became a fist the fist mved over his shoulder and past his face and then opened into a palm again.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA FUCKING CUNT!" D'andre's hand was pinned to the wall by a knife through the palm. the son of a bitch had thrown a knife, who the fuck throws knives? he had even hit him too. he used his left hand to grab the handle and pulled firmly but it didn't budge. he switched the gun to his off hand and swung it wide and pointed it at the counter, an empty stool, a wall that was missing two knives it had moments before, and thin air. thats when D'andre felt cold steel on his throat.

Clide was no fool and knew the first place the robber would aim was where he had been so he grabbed a knife and went all the way through one of the aisles and back down to come in the direction that the gun WASN'T pointed. once he had the knife to the guys throat he thought the man would be a bit mroe civilized.

"Now, i need you to drop your fucking gun, before i slip and drag this cross your funcking throa- FUCK!" Clide ducked as the man leaned back and swung the shotgun in the opposite direction. there were two discharges and then Clide rose up and brought the tip of the knife straight up through the botton of the jaw. blood started to flwo out the man's mouth.

D'andre couldn't talk anymore and tried to protest as Clide shook his jacket and then reached his hadn into the pocket where he kept his extra shells. He looked down and watched as Clide opened the breach the two spent casing springing out and replaced them with two fresh ones.

"Ffffffffffff ughhhhhh" was all that he could manage with his tongue and jaw pinned as the last thing he saw were the two barrels of his own gun pointed like bottomless holes straight at him.

Clide pulled the knife out of the hand and the arm fell loosely to the ground. he took the rest of the shells out of the pocket and searched through the body before he dragged the pile of meat to the dumpster and hid it under some bags. he looked at a student id card he found in the wallet as he returned to his anatomy. the name sounded familiar adn as he looked at his text it hit him.

"FUCK, he sat next to me in class... now how am i going to get my fucking notes back." Clide sighed and cursed his luck and secreted the shotgun away in his bag. he knew where he could make some cash off it.