Wow, I have had hardly any free time whatsoever lately. Sorry about not updating for a good bit, I just haven't been able to take much time off from my school work right now.

I have two documentaries due next week. One on "The Life of an NYU Student" and another on Iwo Jima. The latter is not looking good so far. I have not spent any time on it being too busy with other school work and the other documentary. My Iwo Jima Documentary partner isn't doing anything either even though he hardly has any schoolwork so I'm not quite sure what we can do right now.

In other news, I tried out for tennis and the coach wants me back tomorrow for a Varsity tourney and see how I do (I was a highly-ranked JV player last year). Hopefully things will work out alright. I haven't played as much as I would have liked (more like not at all). I should have more free time in my Senior year so hopefully I can get tons of playing time in and make it high on Varsity. I think its very possible if I keep working at it. My coach has always told me I'm a natural with my strokes and touch on the ball so I think it's very possible.

Anyways, so how are you guys doing?