1st Installment

read before this one. this is to get people's interest in the series going...

Andrew sat in his chair and met the gaze of the impressivley tall and muscular man in front of him. the man took in his aides with more than passing curiosity. they were clad in black crosets that flowed straight into black dresses that went down to the floor. they were wearing soemthing underneath those corsets he could tell. there heads were shaved except for at the back there were these circular tattos that had odd embellishments on the outside of the ring and within the ring flowed long straight black hair on one and long blond hair in a braid on the other. the tattoo almost seemed a mark as well as a status symbol. Andrew snapped his fingers.

"Now dont get too distracted mate they wont do you any favors 'cept save you from ever having to pay child support. now tell me again what you want." The big man brought his gaze off from the busty corsets and met the younger man's gaze.

"I need something small and compact that can clear a room quick."
"High rate of fire or stopping power?"
"Give me the stoppign power."
"Let's see what do i got..." Andrew tipped back in his chair his two thumbs meeting and his fingertips also to form a triangle in front of his chest. then he remembered the kid who had come in the day before.

"I'd like to get rid of this." Clide laid the shotgun and some of the various valuables of the man he'd killed in front of Andrew. Andrew picked up the shotgun.
"the rest will be 40... this... let me see" Andrew opened the breech, snapped it shut with a flick of his wrist and then spun it around his wrist back into his grip."
"Solid construction... ill give you 150 for it."
"What i saw a regular shotgun selling for 350 at walmart this morning."
"well this isn't walmart and this!" slaps the sawed off onto the table, "isn't exactly a firearm that meets legal specifications. if you dont like the 150 take ur piece and walk."
"alright" Andrew waved and from a side door came a girl dressed semi similarly as to the two beside Andrew. it was all blakc leather and latex but it was all straps and no dress and aloowed various pieces of anatomy to be seen. she had the same tattoo but less intricately detailed and had no hair she also had a ball gag in her mouth and was holding a tray that carried a small stack of money.
"its 200, 10 extra. now count it to your satisfaction and its been a pleasure." Clide counted the ten dollar bills and nodding elft without further word.

Andrew snapped back from the present and reaching under his desk slid the shotgun to his costumer.
"Does that tickle your fancy."
"yea im positively giddy."
"300 even and you'll get the gun and 20 rounds you cna buy mroe yourself but if you need any more than 20 with that thing in a firefight your probably fucked anyways" the man laid three hundred dollar bills on the table.
"we're also going to need another case of ammo for our previous purchase."
"thats another 100" the fourth hundred dollar bill joined his three brothers on the table, Andrew policed it up.
"I'll have it sent to the usual place mate. Have a good day."

That was what Derrick remembered of the day leading up to his current situation. He rounded the corner that the support post he was hiding behind offered as covered and sent someone flying backwards as bullets flew past him from both sides of the warehouse. He chambered two more rounds into his shotgun, sweat clinging to his brow. he checked his pocket... 6 shells left.
"looks like that punk was right... need anyrhing more than 20 shells and your probably fucked anyway. Fuck me it was a shitty day anyways"