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Derrick shielded his lighter with one hand and struck it with the other while he puffed on his ciggarette. there was 7 others with him that all lit up as a green covered truck passed through the back alley that fed into the abandoned basketball court in between some worn down projects. their was a flash of motion and out dropped a crate. everyone looked both ways before jogging over to the downed crate. Derrick was the first to get to it and he picked it up and walked it to the trunk of one of their cars he plopped it down and held open his palm. he waited for the familiar slap of metal on his skin.

With a pop the crowbar opened the top of the crate. inside was cardboard cartons filled with bullets. every man reached in and grabbed a carton or two and started filling magazines they produced from various pockets with the rounds. One slapped his freshly loaded mag into an Uzi 9mm machine pistol and pocketed it before continuing to load magazines. after they were finished loading magazines they got into their cars.

Kevin used his two fingers to open the shades that remained hanging in the office of the dilapidated warehouse. he saw the three cars pull up and the men get out. he turned to his associates.
"We've got company."

Derrick got out of the car as they all huddled together. they glanced at each other.
"well someone has to be first... nose goes" everyone touched their finger to their nose except Derrick.

"Fuck me." everyone pulled out their guns and walked to the door they opened it and slided inside. Derrick walked in the center of the floor that was broken by rows of concrete support columns with his shotgun out. he heard soemthing clang and spun to face the noise as everyone froze. he stared ahrder into the gloom and saw a streak of white scurry by.

"just a mouse... shit!" Derrick saw from behind the pile of machinery the rodent had just left a man shaped shadow rise up holding something that gleamed of death in the blackness. Derrick didn't wait and pulled the trigger and both barrels discharged. the gleaming metal flew upwards and then the warehouse was filled with light and explosions as both sides opened fire. Derrick dropped behind a column and bumped his head gently as he reloaded.

"Fuck me why do I always lose at nose goes."

"why do i always have to go first?"