Because the 360 is dead and World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade really isn't that great unless you are already a level 60, today Spyton took his Christmas/Hanukah money and gift cards and blew it all on a Playstation 2.

Yes, Hell has indeed frozen over.

But while we were leaving Gamestop after buying Shadow of the Colossus, I noticed a display for Crackdown (the game you buy so you can do the Halo 3 beta testing) and I panicked. If I buy it now, will we get to do the beta thing anyway? Because we have no 360. Because it died. Or commited hara-kiri. Maybe it just didn't like me personally. Or it was possibly anti-demi-Semitic.

Are there only a limited number of the games with the beta invite? Should I buy it now? It says it is a "limited time offer". So is it a limited time to buy the game, or a limited time to join in on the fun? Or is it pointless since I am missing the beta window? Can you play Crackdown on the old XBox?

The XBox service lady said we won't get our replacement 360 for about 3 weeks. In other words, do we still have a chance to play the Halo3 beta, or should I get out the tuna can lids and begin sawing at my superficial arteries now?


To clarify: If I buy the game, but all the recruitment is happening over the next two weeks, will I have lost the opportunity to participate in the beta playing since I have no access to a 360?