yes, i finally went to the doctors for these exrutiacting headaches and they ran a blood test and nothing was wrong with me (doesnt surprise me). My headaches got worse and worse and id have sharp pains were i would black out and got really dizzy, Still, nothing was wrong. I went to my normal eye exams Tuesday and my eye doctor FINALLY found that there is in fact, something wrong.there is something till this day, floating in my eye and i can see it, it bugs me so bad. He told me to go to another eye doctor place and they found my optical nerve is swollen. They think its from my Minocyclin( face pills). there is also a lot of water in my body. There is a lot of pressure in my head. i have to take these water pills that make me use the bathroom, cant taste food, wont eat, lose weight, and VERY tired. So i have been to the docter everyday since tuesday and might even have to go today. i was at the E.R. yesterday for seven hours. They told me to go up to the childrens hospital in COLUMBUS IMMEDIATLY so we had to drive all the way up there and was told i was probably going to stay, i was so scared. We waited in the waiting room for 3 and a half hours!!!! and didint get home till 1:30 in the morning. So anyway i got a cat scan and found that it is not a tumor. I will have to get a spinal tap soon, and an MRI. Ive taken test after test and seen doctor after doctor. sometimes i wonder if they'll ever get it fixed before it's too late. THIS CAN BE FATAL!!!! If they dont hurry. I am very depressed cause of this shit. Ive been taken away from my boyfriend, pretty much grounded for a long time cause of my grades, thats why i havent been on. I miss him but hes waiting on me. He loves me with all his heart and i really think he is the one. yeah so im makin it through day by day and doing my work just so i can see my baby.