i figguared it was time for a new one

8 years ago

im not dead. nearly though. flu.

fell in love the out . then fell back in half way.~~~i will slay you danilo. mark my wordsslay you

learned how to play the guitar

time seems to be slipping by infinitely faster than before

i found i was addicted to a prescription med. and then stopped cold turkey and felt withdrawal. fun fun fun.

laughed so hard i cried and vice versa

failed a class because i didn't do the homework

aligned my self with the man i am certain will begin the culling of stupidity in this festering pit of idiocracy.

found out that im not such a terrible person as i thought i was. someone showed me that

thats my life in a few bites.

Comments (4)

  • Syrindigo26


    3 years ago

    I havnt been on here almost since you wrote this.... But I miss you buddy.

  • Hydro626


    7 years ago

    at least yer not bored. theres somethin to be thankful for.

  • Samurai13


    8 years ago

    cuz it's fun, just remember, you're a souless metaphor, and i'm karma this is gonna be fun

    sounds like your life's a bit rough

  • syonide31


    8 years ago

    why are we slaying me?