i just had the worst time with xbox live i had tryed to change my account name but was stoped when i had to get a password...... so i went to do that...... but then i forgot the password to the email account it self o goody so i talked to the service provider gave them the account info to make sure i owned it (SERIOUSLY WTF) then i got the password changed the windows live password and then changed my gamertag (which is Simmons101 now =D) then i deside heck i have more micrsoft points lets download a game then i deside to play game....... xbox live boots me for have invaild account info ....i cant sign back on soooo i try to figure out why ... well it turns out that my account itself is connected to a different widows live id which i had also forgot the password to so i had to go online (again) find the password that email get the xbox live account connected and re-recover my account.......and now finally and hour away from when i started am just now able to play.... THAT SUCKED