Ah well, da Bears didn't bring home the Superbowl American Football trophy. But I can't be mad. I mean, look at Coach Dungy of the Indianapolis Colts:
Who could be mad at that guy? And was I the only one who got a little verklempt when he and Coach Smith (the coach of the Chicago Bears - for my international friends) hugged right after the game? I was? Well, that's me. And I heard the Colts player who caught that interception in the second half and ran it back for a touchdown grew up in Chicago. I told you we're all the same here in the Midwest. Well, except for those b*st**ds who root for the (Wisconsin) Green Bay Packers. Those people are in league with the devil.


For those still nursing a grudge, I found this version of "Bear Down, Chicago Bears" performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Chorus which is just... surreal. And therefore link-worthy.

And if that isn't entertaining enough for you, go to Spyton's journal and follow the link to the song, "In your yard I am the Ferengi man, very odd and chunky." You'll be humming it all day!