Yay day off time again!!
House to myself, new Fall Out Boy album to play loudly round the house. (Its reeeally good).
I'm out of bread though which sucks as i now need to go out in the miserable weather so i can have fried eggs on toast. Mmmm.
Its been an awesome week. Went to see the Gym Class Heroes on Sunday with Pam, an amazing gig, bit of a new experience with the hip-hop rap edge to it. Really cool party atmosphere though with funky dancing present from moi. Hehe.
Monday night headed out to Route with some guys from work and had a great night which left me feeling a little worse for wear on the Tuesday but ah well I'm right as rain now.
This weekend I'm working both Saturday and Sunday, eurgh, and preparing for the evilness that is stocktake on Monday night.
Just bought gig tickets for seeing The Academy Is on the 26th March. Come along and have some fun with me! You know you want to!
Hair cut on Monday ooo errrr. Probably won't be that exciting but its about time I got it done. So when u see me Wednesday at work (Valentine's day) I will have swish new hair and chocolate brownies for you to sample. Just come say hello to me.
Right, best go get some bread I guess. Then can sit down with my fried eggs watch Help I'm a Fish then get down to tidying my bomb site of a room.
Stay cool my lovely people xx