Hi! I thought this was about the right time to post my RvB valentines. I've made some new ones for this year. If you have a valentine you'd like to see made, feel free to PM me with the quote and the image... I need an image as close to 600x600 as you can get. And I need a tight shot of the reds to make a Blue Sucks version... if anyone would want such a thing. smiley8.gif

And I really need a caption for that one of Simmons and Sarge. I just can't find a quote that truly expresses the kind of deep but completely disloyal love Simmons has for Sarge. Any suggestions? LOL!

Here is the selection from last year.


You can grab the higher res individual images here.

and here are some new ones... I can't post more than 2 or 3 images in one journal with the new RvB.com, so you'll have to click on links. If that is too boring, you can go to my photobucket account and look at them here:

or I posted them in my images section as well (check the comments on the valentine image!)

When you are handing these out, remember to get one for your teacher! And that unpopular kid. You never know who will grow up to be a supermodel or the president!

Sheila: "Sounds like fun"
Church "Girls can't share"
Little Sis "Woohoo!"
Blue Team "Red Sucks"
Grif & Sis "Don't embarrass the family
Grif "You've gone blind with imaginary power"
Sarge "I'm just so depressed, I can't even threaten your life for being a jackass"
Caboose "We have to cherish these times
Blue team no caption, psychedelic
Simmons and Sarge no caption
Doc "Think about something that makes you really angry that isn't me"
Tucker "It's not mine. We weren't even going steady.

Okay, gotta run and work on writing my Pharm test. I'll update this journal with new valentines as I make them.


...and don't say I never got ya anything!