...if you don't eat your meat? <---Name that quote

This should be a short journal, as I procrastinated terribly all weekend (but had a wonderful time!) and am now frantically writing tomorrow's lecture.

My motto:

Procrastinate now!

Also, RvB is loading really slowly for me, so about 60% of the time I will leave a comment and when I hit submit I get the screen that reminds me to visit the Roosterteeth Store. Which still is not carrying a girl shirt that says "I like me."


Anyway, thanks to kardiez for pointing out that the Little Sis "Woohoo!" valentine link was broken. Now fixed. Woohoo!

Also thanks to Wigglepie13 for the image and caption for:

And here's a Simmons: "As the new leader, what I say goes!" card.


I've got links to all the old valentines and the new ones in my images section. Feel free to take them and use them as you wish. I'm just worried that my cable woes will prevent me from leaving RvB Valentines in everyone's comments sections this year. Keep your fingers crossed that ther durn-blatted Comcast people will fix the problem!

Okay, back to writing the lecture. If any of my students stumble upon this journal, I want to assure you that I will not be including the term neuroleptanesthesia on the exam next week. But you should be able to tell me how many half-lives it takes to get rid of 75% of a dose of a drug... and which beta blocker on the drug list is non-selective.

*waits a moment*

The answers are two and propranolol.


PS: I thought it was high time that I add the speech bubbles to the next Steve n Lois Action Figure Theater. I can't believe I'm on Number 47. It is just so wrong. smiley8.gif And now:

Halo Action Figure Theater: The Steve n' Lois Chronicles Presents:
Episode 47: Joyride ("Je veux toucher votre ...")

Today's Vocabulary Words
durn-blatted <---not actually a word