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Also, it is Valentine's Day, a day celebrated in America with intense misery by women and stress by men, regardless of age, race, creed, or whether they actually have a valentine or not.

My earliest memories of Valentine's Day were in grammar school, where we would bring homemade valentines to school and give them to the boys we liked, in the hopes of reciprocation. I remember in third grade having quite a crush on Eric Huffman and Chris Gore (who probably have since started up a law firm specializing in kitten endangerment and surgical malpractice) and being quite worried about whether I'd get anything in return. I actually don't remember if I did get anything. I just remember being worried about it.

It sort of went downhill from there.

I think Valentine's Day, like New Year's Eve, has been built up in womens' mind as a "test of success of womanhood" to the point where if a woman does not:
1. Have a date/boyfriend/husband, and said person does not
2. Send flowers/chocolate/diamonds, then said person does not
3. Love/lust after/mildly desire the woman, and therefore the woman
4. Sucks/deserves to die/is probably a lesbian.

Not that there is anything wrong with being a lesbian. But you get my drift. This isn't logical thinking.

Valentine's mania wore off for me when I was about 27, when my boyfriend at the time, a guy who went on to become a neuroradiologist, gave me the dreaded "Valentine's Day Cookie". One of those big 15 inch cookies from Mrs. Field's that says "Be MIne" or some such. No flowers, chocolates or jewelry. I was crushed. But after I realized I wasn't a lesbian, no matter how much the cookie proved I was, I came to the conclusion that Valentine's Day loot was not a measure of my appeal to the male of the species, but rather it was a only just another day to celebrate the massacre of gangsters.

So ladies: Relax. Don't let Hallmark dictate to you whether you feel good about yourselves. It is bad enough we let the advertising world make us feel bad about being too tall/short, thin/fat, blond/brunette, white/black/asian/hispanic/other, jewish/christian/taoist, liberal/conservative, pie-eating/cake-loving, etc etc etc. And don't test your boyfriend/husband/guy-you-have-locked-in-your-basement with the V-Day quiz. If you want flowers and a card, say, "I want flowers and a card." Men don't know about the importance of the test. Just treat the day as a little fun. A day to wear pink and to not feel guilty about eating candy.

And men: There is still time to get flowers and a card. I am pretty sure that the gas stations carry them this time of year.


Today's Vocabulary Words and Terms
kitten endangerment
St. Valentine's Day Massacre