Happy Valentines Day every1......or Happy Singles Awareness Day!!! (i fall into the 2nd category) Yes today pple celebrate Love by buying shits loads of gifts, and being more lovey-dovey to their other half when they shud b doing that every damn day ne way i think. lol
O yea, also theres that comspiracy theory that V day was made by Hallmark just so pple buy gifts.....lol If it is, gg Hallmark, if not...meh.

Also I know i havent made many jounrals lately, so im kinda throwin in sum other stuff in...
*I recently have gone 2 my local Gamestop, and reserved a copy of God of War ll, also i reserved my copy of Halo 3, Legendary Edition....fuck yea. That fucker gonan cost 100$, and im throwin out the money, (yay for a job)lol So im rly lookin forward for those games. God of War ll shud b out around March (I think thats what they said). And they also said look to Nov for Halo 3 (again, thats what they said) so yea, if Halo 3 is released on a school day, im skippin, and my family wont c me for a few days...lol

Yea, i guess ill just end there, til next time.