yea so i just got back from my spring break vacation. i can not tell you how beautiful the water is in the bahamas. it is something you must truly experience for yourself. for the first time in several months i no longer have the look of stress or the knots in my right shoulder (mainly thanks to the massage i got) although i know that once i return to school in 3 days i have 2 midterms and a paper due (none of which i have stuidied for or written) but i'm not thinking about any of that. it's a nice feeling when ur not preoccupied with a whole bunch of other crap. moral of the story drop out of school. but seriously, you really should take a trip if you can. it was my first time out of the country and other then the fact that i ate like hamburgers and fries the whole time i was there, was really enjoyable. great bars/parties every night, beach a hop skip and jump away at every point on the island, 80 degree weather (while you're laughing that everyone else you know is stuck in the 35-40 degree weather home) all the locals are extremely used to tourists so they are all very accomodating and nice (mainly cause they know that most of their economy is fueled w/ tourist's money). one of the best parts about the whole trip was that i was with all my friends the entire time. there was no family driving me crazy, and on a whole relatively little to no drama (which was the most supprising) it also didn't hurt to have the romantic beach moments w/ the boy. (note to everyone: bring a significant other w/ you on at least one vacation, you won't regret it)
now it's just chillin around the house w/ the fam until easter. and then i shall be thrown once again kicking and screaming into the lions den