I got an angry call from their phone service saying my telephone bill was a month overdue. I set up automatic payments 2 months ago and thought it was all taken care of. No, turns out it wasn't. Comcast telephone service is separate from their internet service and is a separate financial enitity. The person who called suggested I go online to comcast.com and set up automatic payments from my bank for the phone service. Turns out, they don't have a webpage any more because Comcast wants to make everyone buy their digital phone service.

I just called and the "phone lady voice" actually said, "I'm sorry, we can't connect you with any phone service representatives."

I actually laughed out loud.

So, now they lose. I'll mail them the payment but I want to switch phone service. I absolutely will not go back to AT & T for reasons going back many, many years. I made an oath never to return and I must honor that pledge.

I really do want a landline, because when the power goes out I need to be able to make calls... and I like having two phone lines. One for the telemarketers to call and all my utility companies to have that I have loaded with caller ID, and one line that only my family knows about.

What do you guys suggest? I see ads all the time about these other companies where you keep the same number... how does that work? Do you have a national company you use that is actually good?

Oh, and if anyone knows a way to escape the evil grip of Comcast "HIGH SPEED" internet, I'd like to know. I pay $120 a month to them, including extra for the extra high speed and the internet crashes 3-4 times a week.

Seriously, it is like I am back in 1982 and having to reboot the U of I at Chicago Eye & Ear Computer room every day. I actually set up the modem and router so I can unplug and plug them back in easily without bending over, since I do it so often. This last week we were running latencies of 1600ms on WoW. The net was down again this morning.


Sorry to vent, but I really could use some suggestions. I really don't know what else to do than poke pins into these Brian Roberts and Steve Burke dolls.


Today's Shouted Phrases
G******n Comcast!
&@%#^ Phone Company!
I hope you get a really bad cold, Brian! AND a headache! And I hope your internet goes down! You too, Steve, whoever you are!
D**** you to h***, cable company!
You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! G** d*** you all to hell!
Get your hands off me, you d*** dirty apes!
Soylent Green is people!
You are not worthy to receive these Ten Commandments!
Not a leopard colony!
Ya hey dere! Take off, hoser!

...okay, my mind was wandering there for a second. And if you could actually follow that stream of consciousness, then you probably are as nutty as me. Sorry about that. Back to the hatin'!

PS: I should mention I just left Verizon cellular when I discovered their sales agent trying to cheat me out of $80. Also, Spyton and I were NEVER able to speak to each other on our two cell phones... which were two separate numbers. I thought that was a little pathetic. Also after listening to the infamous 0.002 cents vs dollars thing I decided they were all just too stupid. Is it so much to ask that you get service where they tell you how much to pay and you just pay it? I get that service sometimes goes down. I get that! But don't lie about things, or sic debt collectors on me because your company is too screwed up to do business correctly!!!