Graduated A-school yesterday, now I'm taking a week of leave at my parent's house in Texas. Then it's off to my first command, Hawaii. Nervous about it, as I have no idea what to expect. I have an advancement test coming up that I haven't had a chance to study for yet because of classes. I have my PRT coming up. I'm trying to figure out whether to buy a car here and ship it there for free, or just buy one there. If I buy it here I have to wait about a month for it to get there. If I buy it there I won't have my dad with me and I'll be blind as a bat. Seriously, don't know anything about cars, maintaining or buying. Need to pack whatever I'm having shipped out there on Wednesday. Again, I'll have to wait for my stuff to get there.

Still getting used to the idea of not going back to Florida, been my home for the past few months. Will definantly miss the friends I made there. Didn't think it would happen but it did. I met people, it was awesome. In order to better keep in touch with them though, I'll have to comprimise my morals. I'll more likely than not be creating an account on the most faddish thing the internet has seen since emo kids and 1337 speak. Myspace. Now, to be clear, this is only to keep in touch with those select few. I'll have as little to do with that site as possible. Besides, RvB is where my favorite sci-fi threads are. Does myspace even have forums, or is it all just profiles?

I need to watch the newest SG1, ep 16, Bad Guys. I already have it, just haven't seen it yet. Sounds kinda lame. Been finished with Atlantis for a week or so, such an awesome finale. I'm just hoping the SG1 finale/cliffhanger for the movie is as good. Something like Shroud would be awesome. Well I think I'm going to go watch Voyager, that or play Warcraft. I'll hook up Oblivion tomorrow. Oh, and my watchlist have been completly destroyed. I think everyone on my watchlist posted something, it's insane. But I also had several personal/pic/journal comments. It's nice having my own alerts build up like that so I have several all at once, makes me feel special. Yes, I know I'm not, but leave me my illusion.