This morning, our new range was delivered. We bought it from Lowes on Friday evening, and scheduled it to be delivered today (so that I had all day yesterday to shovel the drive, you see). They called this morning and said they'd be there between 10:00 and 12:00. I got to the house at about 9:45 and started taking care of some things (mostly moving the realtor's stuff towards the garage door so that it was easier for her to get it out when she finally showed up). I also started taking note of more stupid little things that need to be fixed (like the fact that there's no door on one of the bedrooms, and there's a huge access panel hole in the laundry room that needs to be covered). I've got a nice long list of stupid fixes that need to be done. I didn't realize I was buying a recently-renovated fixer-upper...

Anyway, Lowes in their gigantic delivery truck showed up at 11:30 - well within their timeline. They couldn't get their lift gate down while parked in the driveway, so they had to park in the street (but the act of trying and driving their humungous truck into the driveway broke up the last ice holdout at the bottom of the driveway, so I was able to finish shoveling it clean). They asked me if I had an old range to take away. I told them I didn't, but they could have the old washer and dryer if they wanted. I didn't expect them to actually agree! One guy came in and helped me disconnect the washer and dryer while the other loaded the range on the dolly and brought it in. Then that guy took out the washer and dryer while the first guy hooked up the range. He even went so far as to set the time on the clock on it. They apologized for making a mess in the kitchen, they kicked their feet off before they walked on the carpet, and they thanked me for shoveling my driveway before they showed up. They were just the nicest delivery/installation people I've ever dealt with. And Lowes officially has all my home improvement purchase business from now on.

I ran into the non-realtor chick who helped with the place today when she came to pick up her three-quarters of the stuff. She was nice, but more than that, she was there to pick up her stuff. Made me happy. The realtor still hadn't shown up to pick up the rest of it before I left again, though. After Christie got off work, we went back to the house so she could take pictures, and the rest of the stuff was gone. The realtor had left her last key... and a check for $500. When we closed on Thursday, she mentioned to us that she knew we needed our earnest money check back (the money we gave to her to solidify our bid on the house), and would find out what happened to it. We didn't ask her about it - it was all her bringing it up. I knew what would happen to it. The realty company would make out a check to the seller as an addition to the final sales price. That's what happens to it. I haven't heard from the realtor since the closing (even though I emailed her to ask some questions), so I wasn't expecting anything. But then she left a check for us on the counter. Even with all her faults and all the screw-ups we've had in the process and the broken things the house still has, that $500 that we weren't expecting back was huge, and we've decided to forgive her for being stupid. We're not friends by any means, because I can't stand stupidity unless it's from someone really really hot, but I can now at least say that the business transaction we were a part of ended amicably for both parties.

There's a lot of work to do, but it's not nearly as bad as it could be. We're about 1/3 packed. Moving day is Saturday. We own a house. It's still slightly surreal.