You know the one big thing I hate about working in IT? The biggest, most annoying part of it all?

Asking other people in my department for help and being treated like an idiot user.

An exact copy-and-paste of an email conversation I just had with a girl in Michigan:

Hey Stacey,

Is there any chance you have a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Standard 7.0 install CD (or a network location for the install) in Troy? Adobe's website only offers 8.0 now, and I don't have the install files to transfer a 7.0 license from one PC to another.

Hi Steveâ€'We do have the software, but the strain on the WAN if you transferred it would be huge (and very slow)…the site below should allow you to download ver. 7.0 from the web. Let me know if you need anything else.

Notice the above obviously says "reader". Any idiot can find the Reader. Why would I ask for that? Besides, when's the last time Adobe Reader had an install CD?? Finally, since when is 20MB going to cause "strain on the WAN"? Wouldn't the same download from the Internet cause the exact same kind of strain?

Actually, I'm looking for the Suite package, not the Reader.
Sorry about that…since it is a licensed app, have you purchased the license?

I swear I already said that. Yep, there it is, right there in the first email where I explained exactly what and why I was looking for. And now we're four emails into re-explaining it all.

Yep. I've got a license on one system that I need to move to another one, but I don't have the install disk. Idiot
I’ll get a disk burned and shipped down to you. I won’t be able to get to it today since I’m out in Auburn Hills, but I’ll take care of it tomorrow for you! This way you’ll have a disk available for future reference.

"Future reference"?? Not that I'm complaining about getting the CD, mind you (provided it's the right thing when it gets here), but what's the "future reference" bit? "This isn't working... if only I had that Adobe Acrobat CD to refer to... Oh! There it is! Sure am glad I had this lying around for future reference!"

You're in IT, I'm in IT, so let's just assume for a minute that we both know what we're talking about, k? Doctor's don't do this kind of thing to each other. "Well Dr. Franks, I see here from your records that you suffer from diabetes. Do you know what that means?" Scientists don't do this kind of thing to each other. "You need to borrow my microscope? For what reason? Oh, to look at microscopic things. Well, are you sure you know how to use it? Just turn that knob there to focus..." Why in hell do IT people do it to each other? Don't talk to me like I'm stupid.

I don't even talk to *my* users like that. Then again, I always take the high road and assume that people can communicate on my level until they prove otherwise.

Which reminds me - Journal translation for Eric P.:

My job is stupid. People are mean. Girls don't like me. I pooped.