...more than it hurts you.

So, my class has its first exam tomorrow. I am so stressed out about it, I can't tell you. Actually, I can tell you quantitatively how stressed out I am. My blood elf Elnea the Priest has gone up 3 levels in 3 days... she's now 23.

Some people smoke, some people bite their nails, I obsessively play WoW. It is very soothing to the nerves. I've also got 35Gold I've made selling white crap for 5-15 Silver at the Auction House. This will mean nothing to any non-Wowers... trust me, it is very, very sad.

In college it never once occurred to me that the profs would be nervous about tests. Maybe I would have cursed them a little less... But I really, REALLY want my students to do well. But they also pay me to teach them the material, and there's no way to tell if they have learned anything without asking them questions. I have no trick questions, and everything was covered in lecture. I told them what is on the test. I've even given them mnemonics, including me singing the unofficial White Sox theme song to remind them how local anesthetics block sodium conduction.
Trust me, this is a great mnemonic, and it was a memorable performance.

Send some positive thought rays towards my nursing wannabes tomorrow (Tuesday) around 6pm CST, would ya? I want them to do well.

Second, I thought I'd give an update to that AAO business I reported a few weeks ago:

First Round Goes to Surgery by Surgeons in New Mexico
The New Mexico State Senate Public Affairs Committee voted Feb. 9 to table S.B. 367, a bill that would have authorized optometrists to perform a wide range of scalpel and laser surgeries. This is the first round in a fight to preserve quality of patient surgical care in New Mexico, as the optometric lobby is committed to push its O.D. surgery agenda until the legislature adjourns in mid March. The combined efforts of the New Mexico Academy of Ophthalmology, the Academy's Surgery by Surgeons campaign and the New Mexico State Medical Society led to this early victory.

Let me emphasize again that I am very pro-optometrists. I go to an optometrists myself for my contact lens care and some anterior segment (front of the eye) issues. In Fort Wayne my partner and I were the only Retina specialists who accepted referrals from optometrists (some MDs insist on having patients shuttled through another MD first). But the optometrists are not medical doctors like ophthalmologists are and I feel strongly they should not be entering the eye with large pointed objects.

Third, no one got the most important bit of my stream-of-consciousness prose in my last entry! I just have to point out two bits there to the old-timers. But I will have to invite you into the scariness that is my brain:

D**** you to h***, cable company! <--From SNL skit, "Psycho Divorced Mother from H*ll" with Kirstie Alley
Then followed, in rapid succession a litany of Charleton Heston quotes from different movies...
You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! G** d*** you all to hell! <--Planet of the Apes
Get your hands off me, you d*** dirty apes!<--Planet of the Apes
Soylent Green is people! <--Soylent Green
You are not worthy to receive these Ten Commandments! <--The Ten Commandments
...then the next movie I thought of was "Ben-Hur but I immediately thought of the famous Second City Episode which was a two-part parody of Ben-Hur, where his sister and mother don't end up in a leper colony, but rather a leopard colony, which involved Andrea Martin running around with little fuzzy leopard ears. :
Not a leopard colony!
Ya hey dere! Take off, hoser!

The final quote is, as far as I know, the national motto of Canada.
I'm sorry, no one won that "spot the weirdness" contest. Yes, I don't give pop quizzes in Pharmacology class. But I do here.

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