Ya know what? Wiring projects are expensive.

Sure, maybe not in the grand scheme of things, but I'm pricing it out now for 6 three-port wallplates (and one spare of everything because I'm a klutz) with one jack each for phone, network and coax video. I'm up to $400 in supplies, can't find the Type 66 punchdown blocks I need for the phone (apparently they're unpopular or something), and now I'm reading that I'll need some kind of video amplifier to compensate for the signal loss across that many coax splits! Oy! Vey! I'm farfalen and ferklempt! Feh!

But I'm no shlemiel. A little chutzpah and this whole cockamammie glitch will be gornisht; bupkis; shmekel.

... that last one may not mean what I think it does. Eh. Whatever.

Edit - Found the punchdowns (another $10) and the amplifier/splitter (another $40). Added BNC crimp ends (which I forgot earlier. 25 cents doesn't seem like much until you need 20 of them. Same with bridge clips.), and repriced some things (I'm using two different stores for this stuff, because no one place has everything I need - but I didn't think to price-check them against each other). Now I'm at a grand total of $460 - give or take.

{I am, however, going to try to steal some things from work if I can get my hands on them. I think there's a piece of a modular patch panel in a box in Troy East that will work perfect and save me the $40 I'd need to spend on a new 12-port panel. Plus, bridge clips a-plenty if I just look in the right places, and maybe a punchdown block. I'm not above "reusing" items from work that don't currently have a purpose outside of "major emergency spare only to be used if something's on fire or worse".}