First of all, the class did okay on the first test. Not fabulous, but it wasn't a washout. I think I know what to do to help them prepare better for the next one. Woot!

Second, we got the replacement 360 in the mail. It isn't the same box (different serial number) and oh man does it make a lot of noise. I don't know if it always made that much noise, or what, because it used to be inside the entertainment center. It sounds like it is grinding coffee or something. Sheesh. But hey, it works.

Third, we got our copy of Crackdown, and it turns out it is rather fun to play. I never played GTA but I guess it is sort of the same thing. But here you are SUPPOSEDLY a "good guy" and you can only kill 50 civilians (by accident, of course) before the other "Peacekeepers" turn against you.

The fun thing is that you have superpowers and can jump over buildings and throw trucks around... it is reminiscent of Spider-Man 2. Unfortunately for me it is a mite vomit-o-scopic but it is fun. I got on briefly and had a lot of fun killing gang members by running them over with various cars.

When I lived in Baltimore a police officer came to talk to the interns about how to drive defensively late at night on the Johns Hopkins campus and I'll never forget his wise words of wisdom:

"Use your car as a weapon."

*nods sagely*

My only real complaint is that there is no female avatar... although there are other NPC female police officers. You only can choose from being a scary looking White, Black, Asian, or New Zealand guy. Also, at least on the first few levels, you only can kill Central Americans, Russian-types and some Chinese gang with an "Enigmatic Wang". Why all the hatin', Crackdown? Why we gotta be killin' just the Mexicans, Russians and Wangs?

I want to be a super-powered girl killing evil gangs from Greenland and Belgium. Darn those Belgians! With their waffles!!

Ah well. In any event, it looks like Crackdown was worth buying even without the bribery of the Halo3 Beta invite. Last night Spyton was online playing with HavokBlue and I saw frolor2 and Chirpy were online playing as well. I love that you can play co-op online.

Mowing down Enigmatic Wangs has never been so fun!


Today's Vocabulary Words and Terms
Enigmatic Wang