The Spice Girls were great weren't they? I miss the poppy days of girl power when i was young and naive and bounced around no end.

Anyway moving swiftly on before some macho guys who detest the spice girls kill me...

I'm on holiday next week hurrah! I have no fixed plans and its gonna be fab (I hope).
There might just be: some cycling, skipping, swimming, archery, pancakes, dvds, hair curling, make up experimentation, crazy clothing, creativity, reading and general slobbishness; though if I'm being good there might be some tidying too.

I really think I need to do something for Comic Relief this year. Well pretty much I just want an excuse to buy and wear a red wig (see my images). Hehe.
If anyone wants to see me in such a wig then a. help me hold an event at work. b. pay me lots of money.
I think it could be fun.

Booked some summer holiday too.
So party people the place is my house, the days are the 25 June to the 6th July, the event is Wimbledon on tv and frisbee in the park!!
Oh yes.

Thats quite a while away though I suppose...
My birthday is closer, hehehe.

I have a headache, its probably down to my bad diet, lack of fruit n veg n all that.
I'm making up for my Lenten lack of chocolate with an abundance of salty food. Mmm.

My rambling will stop