I'm back from Ireland. Ireland was ok, better than I thought it would be.

Life is good. Me and Andy are very happy smiley0.gif School is... meh, need to get coursework done smiley6.gif stupid Computing.

The aftermath of Granny's death hasn't been too good. The opening of the will, well... lets just say it's caused a lot of anger and stress.

I got attacked by a dog one day when I was walking to the graveyard to Granny's grave, sucky! smiley7.gif I wasn't happy. Stupid dog, but it's locked up now, so tis all good.

Got a letter from Cardiff Uni today saying if I do well enough in my exams, like better than everyone else getting in on the Comp Science course I'll get awarded a scholarship of £3000... haha, so not going to happen, but hey it's good motivation!

Tired! Need sleep, but can't sleep! smiley4.gif