Wow when was the last time I've made a journal? Well I've been busy as hell between work and school and now on top of that I have to do community service for 18 hours. Its pretty gay if you ask me. Dang its really hard to keep your priorities in check when your always doing something. To be honest I really hate it. I never have any time for myself. When I'm not working or doing community service I'm either with my friends (which I don't mind to much) or doing homework. All I want to do is have some time to myself and maybe stay home one night. My friends and my girlfriend would always get angry if I said I wanted to stay in because they say they never get to hang out with me anymore. Well I took some action and I broke up with my girlfriend and told her it was because I just didn't have time. She really liked me so I didn't tell her all the real reasons but she understood that one the best. So now I'm single again and hopefully I just freed up a little time so that maybe when I don't want to go out I can just stay at home and play the new Zelda game I just bought. I like it so far. I might be playing in a church band thing too. I'm not really a big church goer, but as my friends sister quoted I guess I would be like her "I believe in Jesus and all that stuff I just don't believe in churches" Which is true. I hate it because all they do is judge people and I really can't stand that but oh well. I really just want to start playing in a band format and get back to being as good as I was at the bass and this opertunity just kinda sprang up for me so I decided to take it. I'm not sure how many people will comment me because I never get on any more but for those of you who do thanks. smiley0.gif

Oh and last journal was one month ago