ok, so asI write this, just like the last entry I made, I am at work. only this time I am not sitting around the garage doing nothing, in fact I am about 130 miles away, sitting in the back with a little kid who we are taking to a psych hospital. that is about all I can say about that without violating hippa laws I think. the point that I want to make about that is: psych hospitals and children do not mix well. some of the kids we pick up are going to the hospital for little more than acting up. the thing is though, why would one do that to their kid, or an adopted kid. those places fuck up those kids, and the doctors there put them on drugs that gradeschool kids have no....nay no one should be on. what ever happened to the days...and I know I am young (24in may), when parents would correct their own kids without meds. my parents used to beat the shit out of me when I acted up and I think I am at least halfway normal.
that brings me to a similar topic...basic training for the army. now I cant speak for other branches, and I did go through pretty recently compared to some...including at least one of my friends(you know who you are) who have been in the army for 15+ years, but the drill sgts dont even yell at the recruits anymore! for the first 8months of my army career, I thought my name was shithead. now the drillsgts say please.
which brings me to a question. first I just want to say that I love the us, would die for it if I had to, but where is the us of a headed, when parents would rather send their kids to psych hospitals instead of actually doing their jobs as parents, and during the indoctrination into the armed forces is toned down to the point recruits arent even yelled at anymore? those kids are the future of this country, and the army is its gaurdians. where is this country going to stand in 20 or 30 years? hopefully not occupied by our enemies, because our leaders could handle responsibility, and the armed forces so easy to get into, the only requirement is being able to open the door to the recruiting station.

on a happier note, I am dating a hooters girl now...the only problem is she is 19 and cant go to the bar with me. she is amazingly beautiful, and a very cool person though.

any comments good or bad are welcome. thanks for reading this, and my rambling is done...I am starting to get carpal tunnel from typing all this on my phone anyways.