So I called on Wednesday to get my internet hooked up, and they were going to come by today. So the guy calls me and asks if I'm in my room, I'm like yeah. He say's he's been knocking on my door. So after an hour of trying to give him directions to the only building 230 on base, and asking him several times if he is on my base, I find out that he's not on my base after all. Dumb ass to the extreme. So the fucker wastes 2 hours of my time. I call the company and they can't find my building in their records so they assumed I meant another base. Fuck that! After another two hours on and off the phone I got someone who knew what the hell they were doing and he found it. Apparently it's listed by the street instead of the base. It's a shame I didn't try and get the other 4 people I talked to to look at the street aswell as the base... oh wait, I did! They were just fucking incompetant! So now, I have to wait until the fucking 10th to get my hook up!! Sure they can do it sooner in the middle of the day while I'm at work, but I have to be there for it. And they're evenings are full up too. So because they can't follow fucking directions, to the only fucking NCTAMS base on the fucking island, I have to wait a whole fucking week for my fucking internet!! Fuck! Damn people piss me off! And the fucking wireless signal I'm using has been disapearing a lot now too. It shows back up as soon as I reboot, but I'm only using one, so why are the other ones not showing up? Again, what the fuck?! Still don't have a way to work, they're solution was to ask at my first day to work... how the fuck do I do that if I can't get to work?! Fuck!