I posted on nex the other day.. .

Let's just say that said girl is madly in love with said guy. She doesn't want anybody else to love but him... and she cannot even truly find herself deeply happy without said guy as a functioning part of her life.

Well, said girl has a friend, who'll be said guy2. Said guy2 has this crush on said girl... and well, said girl doesn't know how to deal with that.. since she doesn't even... not even... closely feeling any sort of.. anything other than friendship towards said guy2. So said guy2 goes on being disappointed by said girl.

Now, let's add more to this said girl life, and say there is a said guy3... who said girl finds attractive, and ideal to cuddle with. So, oddly enough, said girl is dared to do certain things with said guy3, and after the dare, she... taking this odd lusting need for security within her she continues such with said guy3.

So after one night with said guy3, he wonders what is happening with said girl... and after that one night, said girl wonders what is happening herself... since still, she doesn't feel like herself without said guy... and yet, said guy2 and guy3 are always hovering, like odd reminders. One of which, is oddly craved for that comfort.

Said girl, just needs a giant... living teddy bear.
-cough- but this is all just... a 'let's just say' sort of story that I just made up... theoretical... and said girl, cannot spell theoroettical... eticle.... uh. Yeah. smiley4.gif

. . . Uhh.. yeah. In other news... I CAN SEE!!!! xD Yay for my glasses.