my name is Vincent
my mother's name is Linda ambrose
my father's name is john

my mother and father were both in the spartan 2 project created by Dr Catherine Elizabeth Hasley. I'm part of the spartan 5 project made by the same person.
i still can't believe that she's alive after these years.
my mother and father died in the battlefield by the covenant when i was 5.
ever since I've been training to be a spartan 5.
i don't remember much about my father and mother the only things i knew about them before they died was that my mother had red hair and dark emerald eyes.
my father had jet-black hair and blue eyes.
i have my mother's eyes and my father's hair.
all the soldiers and Dr Hasley told me that i look like my father the most

i don't like when they tell me that. Why?
because i don't remember that my father did anything as a dad
the only time i could remember him and the last time i saw him
was when he was wearing a gray uniform with a eagle that has arrows in one claw
and it was my birthday

my name is Vincent.
and this is my story.