If I died tomorrow, who would remember me? How would lives change? Would lives change? Would they change? or just be disrupted for a little while, then everything be back to almost normal. Do I make that much of a difference? Am I really that important to people? Or... do they just think I am? What gives people the right to call me names? To say the things they say to me, about me?

I am so lucky to have so many people in my life that care about me. It's funny.. just a few hours ago I wished that no body cared about me, so that I could just.. dissapear and die and not hurt anybody... but now, now I am greatful for this love that so many people have for me...and this sweet man helped me see that today.

smiley7.gifsmiley0.gif Well, I'm leaving town tomorrow. I will be in Mexico on Sunday...
I should be back in Fort McMurray on the 20th... or the 21st... but I'm not sure. My plane will get to Edmonton on the 19th. That is, if I don't die by the number 21 in Mexico. Like on the 11th, or the 18th.

Man, whiplash sucks.
I want my neck and my back to stop aching so badly.

Anyway... if I don't make it back in one piece, I would just like to say that I love you guys.
Oh, and coo coo catchew I am awesome.
Don't forget that. Word. Peace Out, DAWG.