Hello and welcome along to my 'made for rvb only' journal!

Spring is well and truly here, making me the happiest chica on the planet.
Sunshine = Happy Katherine.
Wearing new brighter t-shirts, skipping in the garden, cycling, eating far too many Hot cross buns...
The soundtrack to last week's holiday from work was a mix of Hot Action Cop and Jay Z and Linkin Park's Collison Course.

I am very excited about the fact that its less than a month til Easter. Got this amazing Easter Basket planned for my best friend full of cakes and biscuits I'll be baking and other little easter treats. I hope she likes it.
Mother's Day next Sunday, might make my mum some cupcakes...
Upto my normal mischief now the sun is out, put a balloon on someone's front gate to wish them happy birthday without them knowing this morning.

Also next Sunday is the return of Formula 1! No longer will every Sunday be dull, every other week I can watch cars race round the world, woo hoo! New drivers and teams should make this a very interesting season, wouldn't you say Mr Shark?

Played a lot of Quake 4 on the pc over my week off which has recovered my love for gaming, alas I have little time and only the old xbox to play with. Soo tempted to buy a new game for it though, maybe Ghost Recon 2.

I've given up unhealthy sweet things for Lent and its going pretty well. I've gone a couple of weeks without any chocolate and cakes which is impressive for me.

I'm slowly getting fitter with aqua aerobics once a week and the occasional cycle and walking to and from work most days. Wouldn't say i'm a sparkling example of healthiness though I am very happy so who cares!?

Hope you're all very happy bumbly bees.
Love you.