So the roomie (Grey Ghost) just got Splinter Cell: Choas Theory today. It looks pretty sweet. I havent played it yet. I am trying not to get to excited about it because I don't have the money to buy it right now. On an unrelated note: if anyone wants to donate 50 bones to a poor college student for "books" just give me a shout.

I am really exicited and really nervous about next week. Excited because Monday is opening day GO ROX!!!! also on Monday Doom 3 comes out for the xbox. I have had my copy preordered for several months now (This is partially the reason why I won't be able to buy Splinter Cell). I highly recomend getting the Collectors Edition of Doom 3. The collectors edition comes with the two original dooms on the game disc. Can't wait to play through the games of my childhood again, if nothing else give props to the granddaddy of Halo.

Nervous because I got two tests next week and one of them is calculus. It is also one of those make it or break it kinda tests. If I do good that will be awesome, if I do bad this could really screw up my life for the next few months/years. Coupled with a brand spanking new video game that I have been anticipating for a year or so now, the forcast doesn't look to good. Will be a good test of the ol' will power.

This weekend will be really fun. For those of you who don't know the Cowboy too well, I am a fairly big boxing fan. And on Friday and Saturday nights I have ringside tix to the Colorado Golden Gloves. For all of you who arn't boxing fans the Golden Gloves are the biggest amature boxing competition in the US. My dad has been getting ringside tickets since before I was born and I have been going since I was about 10. The seats are to die for. The only person infront of us is the doctor. Everyonce and a while you can catch a flying mouth guard. The golden gloves is comprised of about 20-25 fights a night, 3 rounds a fight, so each night I will get about 7 hours of Colorado/New Mexico regional action. Can't wait.

Well thats it for now. Talk to ya later.