iv been gone for so long i just had to let u all know that yes i am still alive and also alot happier i might add. im over my ex girlfriend now, that happined a while ago, and once it happined i thought that i needed to do a little something for myself. So i bought myself an XBOX 360!!!! and all i can say is WOW. if this XBOX cheated on me i would instantly forgive it beacues i just love it that much.. Also more good news!! I got accepted into college!!! BOO-YA!!! yup starting in september i am taking Criminal Justice in Lethbridge Community College. I cant wait to move do to that city. its the most kick ass place on the planed. well i had better go, iv got to get ready to go to work tomorrow but ill update when i get back in a couple of days. my rig is shutting down so i wont be there for long.