So I passed my PT test this morning. Took my advancement test yesterday, won't find out how I did or if I get promoted for a couple months, but I feel good about it. And supposedly almost everyone makes this one. Got my car on Wednesday, finished getting it registered and all that good stuff. My personal stuff gets here on Monday, however, the movers just said between 8 and 5. So I end up getting the whole day off... what a shame. So I have a three day weekend, and an empty plate. Well I still have stuff to do in the near future, but nothing heavy like this week. So as soon as my laundry is done I need to figure out what to do. I picked up Dead Rising because of the overwhelming good things said about it. I might play some more Oblivion, I'm about to start the main quest. Want to see 300 this weekend, might wait until tomorrow for that though. And if time and weather permit, I need to see about finding a beach. Not for swimming, but just to look around. Hope everyone has a good weekend. Oh, and go give Megan some cheering up, she's feeling down in the dumps.