Why the fuck am I back in this town? Right.. for people like Cagney smiley0.gifsmiley12.gif

What are you too me?

You're a shining beacon of hope and talent. You can sing, you can play the Piano, and you're artistic as hell. More importantly, you're my friend. Kind, caring, sweet, and all around a great person, you always seem to be able to make me smile. You care so much you tried to force me to the hospital. That's devotion right there.

I don't know what you think you mean to me, but I'm here to set it straight. You're a person who I admire and look up to. If I ever make you feel bad about yourself, or snap at you, I never mean to; and you have every right to smack me in the face, or take a cheapshot on my back. I'll make you a passcard and everything! ^O^


I have so much to type... so much to say about awesomeness..
But I'll only say this:
I'm brown, suckers, xD

Oh... more posted on Nexopia.

-cough- which means get it... NOW. XD

((Ps. Is the curse over? 318 didn't kill me...... the number 21 still sucks royal asswipe.)