well my spring break with kevin was great and it really sucks bein' back here however, i'm goin' home tonight!!! :-D

while in spring break i had my first face to face interview and i have two more on monday morning.... all in new york city

while at kevin's he was really cute cuz me, him, his friend chris and chris' girlfriend christina went to dinner then out to see the movie wild hogs which was one of the funniest movies i've seen in a long ass time

however, before the movie (this is the cute part) we had time to kill so we all went to wal mart and when we got there kevin and chris insisted we go in a different entrance than them and we were like what the fuck is goin' on here so we did and then later met up with them in wal mart

so we leave and me and christina open our car doors and lo and behold the boys bought us stuff <3... christina got half a dozen white roses and i got a dozen 'red sensation' roses and a huge stuffed animal. like the thing is seriously almost as tall as me

kevin also got me two other stuffed animals while i was there, a really cute stuffed gorilla and a sheepy sheep<3 he's so cute i love that boy to death

so i'm goin' home tonight and then goin' to kevin's on saturday till monday cuz he's closer to the city and i want to spend time with him cuz i love that boy to death

so i'll talk to you guys in a couple days