I love the series with a passion, i even bought my won death note on ebay, the live action movie (also on ebay) and i have jus finished reading the raw manga still in japan ^_^
The ending, blew my mind. for those of you who have seen the ending, i would like 2 point out that there is an alternate ending to it...which would b way more better than the one already given >_<
the link below will have everything from deathnote including the movie, manga, soundtracts, everything ^_^

i could've been a dick and kept it 2 myself, but im nice 2 my fellow rvb peoples. now i jus need 2 find another anime 2 read/watch >_< any recomendations? i've been thinking about starting on Shuffle, i hear it's pretty good

and for those of you in the north-western ohio area, there is a FREE ANIME CONVENTION!! april 14th, 10am-midnight. it's at some universtiy. I'll b in the Ryuk or L costume if u see me there ^_^

on a different subject, i got a job at a steel company. I am the Master of the Custodial Arts....or a janitor if you wanna b a dick about it >_< it pays real well 2. i get my first paycheck this thursday with well over $200, that's going straight to ebay for more anime lol

well, that about it. C'YA!