this is just a basic story line

kaimeko(my avatar) and his best friend(zane) must save the world from a evil mage they meet zellie kora malikia blaze rose kitty on the way when they beat the mage the mages evil sprit gose in zane he turns evil and becomes kaimekos enemy about 10 years later kamieko and kitty get married and have become a king and queen same for zane and zellie kaimeko gose to see zane for a peace talk and kitty and zellie die from a suprise attack kaimeko gose out to find the best people he can find 2 help kill zane he finds ginger ming (dragon in elfs body) fay(dragoon) jasmen malikia tehn kaimeko gose back 2 see kitty once again she not there then he hears voices zane and kore(she died in frist one) kora runs away and kaimeko kills zane kaimeko gose back and tells the group then word of an army comeing gets them on there feet in the battle kaimeko finds the ture enemy but befor kaimeko can fight him kitty stabs him thought the chest ( kitty didnt die) kaimeko falls dead then kitty falls dead (the race your ture love dies you die sucks i no) then malikia kills the man with ming and fay then ming says that kaimeko will be reborn from the queen of all dragons along with kitty about 2 years later a bounty hunter finds kaimekos egg and it hatchs. thats all i have right now