alright so for those of you who use firefox you know that there is a favorites bar where it shows the name of the site and a little icon. well next to my ctrl+alt+del link is my colleges website link. for some odd reason my colleges website has decided that it wants to be the CAD site and it has therefore stolen the CAD icon. so now for some odd reason i have two CAD icons and i'll click on one and low and behold i am disappointed because i clicked the wrong one. anyways thats the most drama in my life right now. i'm overwhelmed and i've gained weight. not like poundage but i tried to put on a pair of capris that i wore in november and i couldn't fit them over my ass. needless to say i forced them on and they ended up making my ass look very nice indeed. but thats not the point. i'm not fat but i know i'm getting unhealthly. i don't think theres a single mscle in my body so ive decided to start doing yoga again...i havent actually started yet but i do plan on it eventually. i just never seem to have time (or motivation) with school and all. all i ever dois sit in bed and read sociology texts. blah, my life is so boring. not that i'm complaining because i still have the love of my life! so don't feel sorry for me because i wouldn't trade this for anything.