I never thought id be in a car accident, well i was wrong. It was the scariest day of my life. I still cant move my arm or shoulder. i have to wear a sling and a neck brace if my pain pills dont take away my pain. It was Chris, Derek, Doug and me and i was the worst off. Eveyone visited me in the hospital and Doug held my hand. I never felt so much pain in my life. My dad wouldnt even see me. He sat out in the car and i was drugged up and kept saying " He's not going to come and see me?" and that made my sister break down cause i was crying and everyone lost respect for my dad. He finally came in but i say shit happens. Doug blams this accident on himself and he crys cause of the pain im in but its not all his fault. I have to go to court on prom day. I threw up that night and dont really remember a lot. But i remember all my friends hugging me. The doctor told me if i kept breathing like i was i would have a painc attack. Im glad were all allright. They wont listen to the song HICKTOWN cause it played during the accident but i still love it and we all have dreams and nightmares about that night. we dont take intersections much. we take the back roads now. the mustang is fucked up and ill get some pics and put them up sometime