Anyone who has been in my room.. or has even talked to me about pets.. or the like knows that i had a very lovely fishie named Julio.. Julio had more personality than most people i meet.. [no, really.].. i mean, Sure he was a little angry at first.. but you would be too if you spent your childhood in a little plastic dish-thing in WalMart... i believe it was probably this last move and the stress from it that did him in.. but here is a dramatic re-enactment of what happened:
**if you are NEW, click on the picture and zoom in so you can see the text**


...and i took my frustration out on China. Because.. well, why the hell not.

Memorial Services are to be held tomorrow night when i get off work.. idk where, but somewhere near water so's that i can "make a little raft and set the bitch ablaze, so then he can party with the vikings in valhalla" [the exact words from the suggestion that came from Mike.]...


you were a very good fishie.