So much to do!! Got most of it done, I think, apart from a few random bits... and I need to do my user documentation and evaluation still, eeek. And dad needs to get back on here soon, poo... ah well, I've got a decent amount done today, so when dad needs to come back on I'll just go out for a few hours and enjoy the sun =)

This weekend has been so cool!! Me and Andy went into town after I'd been to work yesterday morning... he bought me a new bikini!! And a bra from Ann Summers, which looks all funky and things. And this morning he made me go over his so he could cook me a full breakfast ^-^ bacon, eggs, sausage, beans, toast, hash browns... hehe, he is lovely =) And I shall see him later once he's finished work!

Back to school tomorrow... meh.

Righto, back to work!