I got a 100 dollars from my grandmother in the mail today. She wrote the check the 24th but didn't know my new address. So Yay! Money!

Okay, this is a shout out to all the girls who regularly visit/ talk to me. i am going to be doing a BIG chibi halo image of all of us being silly! Yup, you WILL be a comic. This is only for the girls, sorry guys. There are so FEW of us! Lol.

Here is what I need from you guys:

Name: (a nickname that you go by. I am known as Trinity because of my emblem ((and there is a LONG ass story behind the name even before i joined Halo)) and my buddy alienfirst called so for a long reason as well)
Armor Color: i need your primary and secondary color.
Emblem: Need this too! You can make your Halo Emblem HERE
Character: Important! i need a GOOD pic of you. For hair/skin/eye color purposes. Make sure to get a good pic of your eye color.
Fav RvB Guy Character I FORGOT TO PUT THIS HERE. This is important. Who is your fav guy character from RvB!?

Just PM me this stuff. This will take awhile to do, but when it is done I will post it here first. Then Fanart. ^_^ kiss and hugs!