*in epic voice*Useless trivia of the day!!!!!!!!

First piece.

Did you know the term "riding shotgun" refers to back in the days of the stage coach when the person next to the driver would carry a shotgun to defend against bandits and highwaymen. tongue.png

Ok, so why the fuck was angel cancelled? its taken me a year or two to finally get to see season 5, but season 4 was... meh, to me, so i figured 5 would be a little worse, and it made sence to me. but 5, (so far, im only up to the 7th episode) but this is my favourite season. by far. mostly for the humor. joss really made it magic. i do love him. and spike/angel works like a fuckin' charm. god damn i dont want it to end. D:

Charity BBQin' this morning was gehy, but i had to help my sister. But i got to have fun being quirky. it was cool.

Anyways, im bored. OMGZ COMMENTZ PLZ LULZ.

sorry. i told you, bored.